Be Direct.

Introducing our new system that will make a positive and immediate impact on your bottom line. Load mats directly to your routes, saving steps and storage space – at up to 3X faster than your current set up. There will never be a better time to start using Simple Laundry Technololgy than right now.

Cut Labor

  • By-pass storage time completely
  • Speed up route delivery by sequencing load out
  • Roll/Band/Sort mats up to 360/hr.

Lower Merchandise Cost

  • Turn stock more quickly
  • Pull reports to maximize inventory
  • Track the return of all active inventory
  • Track/Assign sales inventory

Increase Value

  • Identify lost rental revenue

Save Valuable Space

  • Eliminate inefficient mat hive storage
  • Eliminate shelf storage of weekly bulk items

Simple To Use

  • Equipment professionally mounted to your mat roller by Production Design Products, Inc.
  • Simple Laundry Technology chips attached directly by Mountville Mills, Inc.
  • Reliable and durable hardware provided by Datamars Simple Laundry Technology

Exclusive Technology

  • Ability to load route in stop sequence
  • Integrates with existing software or as stand-alone
  • Ability to load from route templates for those that have limited software
  • Ability to modify bulk loads for last minute add-ons